Farm Friday: SUMMER’S HERE!


I heard it on the news, and in an email from the Farmer’s Almanac, so it must be true. Summer is officially here.

If further proof is needed, Camp is positively teeming with people–new staff, cheering and singing and settling in–and the Surprise Lake Camp Farm is absolutely gorgeous and good to go.  (Holy moly, it’s summer.)

We almost don’t want to write anything else, so you can scroll down and see the pictures of the farm.  Our fruit trees are in their second season and they are tickling the sky.  Our grape vines have reached the upper wires of the arbor and there are already little grapes. The tomato plants have fruit which will soon reveal their rainbow colors and unusual shapes; and our red green and yellow peppers–purple, white, and black carrots–and six colors of lettuce, chard, squash, zucchini, and eggplant are all amazing.

Most amazing is that in less than a week, Camp is going to fill up with hundreds of farmers, ecologists, and environmentalists who will be steeping themselves in our rich soil, our pure water, our clean air, and our subtle efforts to create responsible, aware, global citizens who value all that we do as they munch on fresh veggie snacks at 10:30 in the morning and go, “Holy cow, I never knew I liked zucchini.”

This week, Farmer Alan and Farmer Ivy were joined by our exceptional Farm Aide, Farmer Collin, who we can barely keep up with as he plants, and weeds, and mows, and sprays, and makes the farm prettier and more inviting by the day. Come next Wednesday, when the buses roll in, kids will be flocking to their farm, to dance and sing in their rainbow garden, and learn a bit more about stewardship of the earth and how fortunate we at SLC are to enjoy purple potato salad, flourishing butterflies, honey bees, and birds, and globally conscious friends who teach and learn together.

Is camp the best thing ever, or what?

Until Wednesday, Stay Dirty.

Alan and Ivy




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