Farm Friday: Yay! It’s June!

It has always been my favorite time of the year.

As a kid, June signaled the end of school, playing outside after dinner, stickball in the street until darkness fell, then catching fireflies in jars.  June is also the time you begin to hear the whispered calls from Camp, steadily growing to a beckoning overture that sings to you from mountains and lakes, inviting you to come home.


As the Farm Director at SLC, June fills me with awe and wonder as our fruit trees and grapes appear to grow appreciably from day to day, our tomato plants start flowering, the bees and butterflies arrive like advance teams reminding us that staff and campers aren’t far behind.


Over the past six weeks, Ivy and I have planted thousands of seeds, bulbs, and plants–we’ve installed additional raised beds in the fenced garden–we’ve raked, and shoveled, and mowed ’til our muscles ached.  Yet, we grow stronger every day–all of us–the plants, flowers, and farmers, standing tall in the late spring sunshine, firmly setting our roots for the summer ahead.


From the look of things this first week of June, our rainbow-themed garden should provide ample produce, ready to begin harvesting when the buses arrive.  We are planting according to a design that should give us veggie snacks every day of summer and into the fall, culminating with our harvests during the Jewish holidays in October.  By then, we will have the makings for purple mashed potatoes, yellow tomato sauce, and blue strawberry shortcake.  We look forward to sharing.


Until then, get excited, enjoy the lengthening days, stretch your legs, and Stay Dirty.


Farmer Alan


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