Idyllwood Weekly Update

Greetings from Idyllwood!

It seems like the summer started yesterday, but we are already in the last week of camp – with this past week being very eventful.  Wednesday night we woke all the boys up to watch a meteor shower.  We saw tons of shooting stars, leaving everyone in awe.  Thursday morning we went on a brother-sister hike to Firetower.  It was a perfect day and by far the best hike I have ever ever been on in my ten years at SLC.  Saturday was SLC Sing.  After winning first session, Idyllwood came out strong again with a tribute to Jordan Dale, our long time camp director, now Executive Director, who recently announced that he will be retiring after next summer.  Monday was our long awaited trip to Lake Coumpounce.  The boys drank as much free soda as their stomachs and bladders could handle and had the opportunity to go on roller coasters and water rides.  As the summer comes to a close, the entire Idyllwood staff would like to thank you for sharing your boys with us, as this has been a memorable summer for both campers and staff.

– Jamie Rosner
Idyllwood Supervisor


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