Journey’s Way Weekly Update

Greetings from SLC!  This past week we had a hike to Firetower with Whammy and Idyllwood on Thursday.  It was a perfect day for hiking, and we had a great time!  Friday was Shomrei Adamah day.  We searched through the sand for fossils and printed our footprints.  Saturday was another beautiful Shabbat day which ended with an SLC Sing victory for Journey’s Way!  We did a Disney medley starting with “The Circle of Life,” “Under the Sea,” and ended with “A Whole New World.”  The girls really came together, worked hard, and did a phenomenal job.  Sunday we had topsy-turvy day with the Idyllwood counselors.  The girls had a great time dressing the guy counselors up, doing their makeup, and going to activities with them.  At lunch we had a fashion show parading the guys and our girl counselors dressed up in costume.  We ended the day with counselor trivia, giving the girls a chance to show how much they’ve learned about us over the course of the session, and a social with Idyllwood.  Monday we had our trip to Lake Compounce, which is a water and amusement park in Connecticut.  All the kids had so much fun and went on a bunch of rides.  As the end of camp draws near we still have the All Camp Show, our overnight, and the Main Event to look forward to.  Thank you all for sharing you children with us this summer.  It’s been a pleasure getting to know them all, and we can’t wait to see them back next summer!


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