Sherwood Weekly Update

Hello from Sherwood!

Thursday, we had returned from our 3 day trip and it was a great one! We traveled to Hershey, Pennsylvania where we went to Hershey Park, Amish Country and hiked in a cave! As silly as this sounds, it was a breath of fresh air being in the air conditioned hotel with a rare couple of nights of television. The coach bus rides were great with movies and the mall pit stops were fun.

Yesterday was Shomrei Adoma Day, which is like an Israeli Earth Day. The boys participated in lots of educational and fun activities. Shomrei Adoma Day lead into another wonderful Shabbat. This week we also had a blast playing water polo, hiked to break neck with Whammy and had a unit adventure at high ropes, low ropes and the climbing tower.

We had a great time participating in SLC Sing tonight, an activity where each unit puts on a short show, whether it’s a song, dance or something similar in front of all of camp. We created a Rocky themed show where we hummed to the Rocky song and created a mock boxing ring and a choreographed dance. We had a lot of fun doing it and camp had a great time watching us. We didn’t win, but having fun was all that mattered!

We are counting the days until we return….not because we don’t love camp, but because we are savoring our days left! We miss you!


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