Sunday at SLC

Greetings from SLC!

It’s another beautiful day here at Surprise Lake Camp, as always.  Campers are engaged in regular programming activities, but they’re starting to do so with a little bit more intensity.  They can feel the summer starting to come to a close, and who knows – this might be the last time they have beach volleyball until next year.  Every soccer game becomes more heated.  Every game of knockout could be the last.  Each of these moments has an immediacy that burns them into our memories of summer.

Along with the regularly scheduled programming, we have a few special events today across camp.  Today Mountainview Girls are having a lip sync battle in which campers compete against one another to become reigning champion lip syncer of all MVG.  Journey’s Way is playing a game of counselor trivia this afternoon in which the campers have to answer questions about their counselors to see who knows the staff best in the unit.  Timberline is having an Amazing Adventure Afternoon!  The unit will be broken up into groups and each will race the clock to complete tasks with our Adventure staff on low ropes elements, high ropes elements, the tower, and even on the waterfront!  Finally, the young men of Sherwood will be going on a hike with Whammy to Breakneck in the morning.  As our longest hike, the boys will have quite a journey ahead of them.  Hopefully Whammy keeps them on the trail and doesn’t get them (too) lost!

Finally, today we welcome members of the 1902 Society to camp for a special barbecue to recognize and honor their contributions to camp.  The 1902 Society is easy to join, and a wonderful way to help provide for future campers at Surprise Lake Camp.  Membership is open to all people choosing to remember SLC in their estate plans.  For more information please visit

And as always, stay tuned for further updates from the last week of camp at SLC!!!


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