Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat Shalom from SLC!

It’s a beautiful morning here at Surprise Lake Camp – one of those perfect days to be gathered outside at the Eddie Cantor Theater with all of camp.  The sun is warm. The breeze is cool.  It’s that time of the summer when the weather is starting to suggest the idea of fall.  The humidity is gone from the air, and even though it’s still hot enough to get sweaty playing basketball, it’s not too hot for jeans with ripped knees at night.

The entire camp is together this morning at the theater, looking out on the lake, up at the mountains, celebrating the beautiful Shabbat day together.  Camp is celebrating four B’nai Mitzvot today – mazel tov to our campers undertaking this important rite of passage, and mazel tov to their friends and family members who have come to camp today to celebrate with them.

After services campers will get to see their friends and family members in other units during Shabbat Walk when they have the run of camp.  Teenside campers can come over to Mainside, and all kids can use the Mainside ballfields, waterfront, and open spaces to relax and play together on this gorgeous day.

Tonight we have our second session SLC Sing where units will perform mashups they’ve been practicing for the past few weeks.  The competition will be intense.  Idyllwood are looking to defend their title from last session and become the first ever unit to reign victorious two sessions in a row.  Can they do it?  We shall see.  Best of luck to Idyllwood and all of the other units in camp.  It promises to be a wonderful night for all participants.

Stay tuned for further updates from SLC!


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