Journey’s Way Weekly Update

Greetings from Journey’s Way!  Last week we had Olympics on Thursday!  Our theme was monsters: the blue Zombies, Red Vampires, White Ghosts, and black Witches.  We had such a fun day, and the Red Vampires came our victorious!  Friday was another beautiful Shabbat at camp, with services at the Eddie Cantor Theater.  Saturday we had 4 B’nai Mitzvah in camp, then we had a traditional Jewish weddin gin camp where the IW supervisor and I play bride and groom to teach the campers the differences between a traditional Jewish wedding and American wedding.  Visiting Day was so much fun, and we had a great time visiting and meeting you all.  Sunday night we had a great magician performance!  He made bowling balls appear out of paper, entire bananas disappear in a handkerchief, and cut his assistant in half.  He was a very talented magician.  Monday Sophia and Bronte, our two British staff members, ran UK day with the girls.  They created a life size game of Monopoly, UK edition.  Tuesday a lot of our girls ventured to Farm, Drama, A&C, and Dance.  Today we had a nice relaxing walk to Cornish and played games and had snack.  In the afternoon we played choice sports, had swim, and are eagerly anticipating hobby!


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