Idyllwood Weekly Update

Greetings from Idyllwood,

This past week has been filled with so much excitement!  On Wednesday, all of camp participated in Mystery Madness, which was a real life game of Clue.  It was tons of fun, and as it concluded and we found out the answers we had been searching for, \Olympics broke out!  The teams were White Ghosts, Black Witches, Blue Zombies, and Red Vampires.  The day was filled with sports, water activities, dancing, LEGO building, making plaques and banners, and a whole lot of cheering!  In the end, the Red Vampires came out victorious.

Before we knew it, it was already Visiting Day.  Idyllwood and Frontier performed “Stand By Me” together at the music show, showing how our units support each other.  We had solos on guitar, flute, and saxophone by a few different campers in our beautiful rendition.  It was amazing to meet the family and friends of our boys and get to share with them how great Idyllwood has been doing ad a unit.  Idyllwood now shifts its focus to Saturday evening, which will be SLC Sing.  We look to defend our title as champs from first session and do what no unit has ever done…win twice in one summer.  This is an opportunity for our boys to show how unity and hard work pays off!  With only two weeks left in camp, we look to continuing providing our boys with the summer of a lifetime!

– Jamie
Idyllwood Supervisor


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