Step Up Day!

Today, as always, is an exciting day at Surprise Lake Camp!

All of Teenside is out of camp on trips.  Upper teens is on their second day of their three day trip to Pennsylvania.  Today they are touring Amish Country, getting to see their hosts’ daily activities, their way of life, and their social customs.  The trip also includes time spent touring a cave formation and a day at Hershey Park.  Check ins from the staff assure us that the trip is going great, and that all the campers are having a wonderful time.

Today lower teens is on a trip to Six Flags New England.  This amusement park boasts 10 roller coasters, including the “Wicked Cyclone” which is one of the first hybrid wood-steel roller coasters in the country.  The campers have a perfect day for the trip, and fun should be had by all.

With Teenside empty, upper seniors, Frontier and Highlands, will be spending the day on the other side of the lake, getting to experience what they’ll be in for next summer.  They’ll be able to use the fitness center, try to hit a softball over the Blue Monster, use the Teenside Waterfront (which has Stand Up Paddle Boards – something not on Mainside), and much more!

Additionally, we have a visiting group coming today for a 3 day stay in our Cedarwood cabins.  Welcome to the 14th Street Y!  The day camp will get the chance to experience overnight camp life – playing GaGa, going on a hike, having a campfire, swimming, boating, and canteen, among other activities.

Stay tuned for further updates from SLC!


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