Frontier Weekly Update

Another great week has past and Frontier continues to grow stronger and stronger day by day.  The boys have been having a blast spending time with each other in the unit and during activities, but are also developing strong relations with the Highlands girls and younger Idyllwood boys.  The ruach continues to grow each day as Frontier further distinguishes themselves as one of the most spirited units in SLC.  As Visiting Day has just passed, we are looking forward to all that is planned for our final two weeks in camp.  This upcoming week, Frontier will be enjoying a full day of activities on Teenside, including an overnight and lazy breakfast. In addition, the boys are preparing for their SLC Sing performance and are looking to become champions for the first time in Frontier history.  Along with Shmorei Adamah Day, where the boys will be participating in various Teva (nature) activities, we will also have our Breakneck hike rescheduled, which was rained out this past Tuesday.  The fun and spirit never stop, and the bonds between the Frontier boys become stronger each minute of each day.  Our greatest accomplishment thus far is the sense of true community that has developed in Frontier, as each camper has contributed their positivity and dedication to the greater benefit of the unit.  The boys have accomplished so much as individuals and as an entire unit in just two short weeks, and have so much more to learn and gain from in the final two weeks to come.



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