Sherwood Weekly Update

Greetings from Sherwood!

Yesterday was Olympics and boy oh boy was it a good one! Before the Olympic teams broke out, there was an all day interactive murder mystery put on by guest actors. Each group was able to interview the horror themed suspects and get to know the characters. At the end they had an opportunity to guess which suspect did it. Unfortunately Sherwood didn’t guess correctly but we had a blast participating!

4 of the suspects represented each of the Olympic teams. They were the Red Vampires, White Ghosts, Black Witches and the Blue Zombies. The Red Vampires won but all had a blast!

On Monday we had our overnight! We had lots of fun activities, cooked dinner over the fire pit and slept under the stars. These moments are what make camp special.

To our 6 week campers: we bid you farewell! We’ll miss you very much and we hope to see you next year. We are very glad we were able to send you off with a wonderful Shabbat service tonight that we lead about friendship! To the parents of those staying the full 2nd session, see you Sunday!!!

-Sherwood staff


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