Timberline Weekly Update

Greetings from Timberline at Surprise Lake!

Another very exciting is in the books, and it’s hard to believe we did all of the following things in just the last few days.  Earlier this week we hiked with Whammy to Bull Hill.  It was a beautiful day but a little on the warm side, so we chose this hike with lots of tree cover.  At the peak we had a great view of the Hudson River and even may have seen a hint of the Manhattan skyline even though we are 70 miles away!  The next day our campers participated in a Murder Mystery Theater,  where each unit tried to figure out who killed our camp director, where the murder occurred, and with what weapon.  Although none of the units were able to figure it out perfectly, it was a great show and everybody had a blast.

On Wednesday we also prepared for LARP (Live Action Role Play) where the campers use cardboard and bubble wrap to make fake weapons.  We were supposed to do battle on Thursday and crown a king, but we needed to delay LARP because Thursday was OLYMPICS!  It was an incredible day filled with fun events including relay races, land sports, water sports, songs, cheers, and dances.  In the end, the Red Team was victorious but each of the four teams showed great participation, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

The campers are all eagerly awaiting to see their visitors on Sunday’s Visiting Day, and the staff here is looking forward to meeting you all.  Until then, best wishes.


Timberline Supervisor


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