There’s Murder Afoot!

Not really.

Let me explain.

This morning at 10:45 a.m. the body of Principal Nogood (played by SLC Camp Director, Sheryl Kirschenbaum) was found on the stage of the Eddie Cantor Theater while the entire camp was in attendance.  Surprise Lake Camp learned that there was a death at Paranormal High!

The suspects (played by professional entertainment company Mainstages’ cast of actors) are as follows:

Willa Westwitch – school janitor

Officer Brainson – security guard

Coach Wolfe – gym teacher

Ivana Blud – popular girl

Dr. Morty Madstein – science teacher

Harriet Pottster – nerdy student

Campers have been spending part of their day today interrogating these suspects, asking them questions and solving their riddles, to try to figure out how and why Principal Nogood has died.  Any group who solves the crime receives an ice cream party as a prize!

This evening’s big Murder Mystery Reveal will take place in the gym after dinner with all of camp in attendance.  So…whodunit?  You decide!


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