MVG Weekly Update

Second session is off to a great start for Mountain View girls. The division between our eight week campers and our new friends is already beginning to fade, and everyone is getting along. It was really a pleasure to watch our more experienced campers greet the second session kids with such acceptance and open arms.

All the campers are having a great time experiencing our activities in a fun and non-competitive environment. Many of our new campers have already passed their deep water test, while campers here since the beginning of July continue to move through our waterfront program. Two of our bunks went on our first Whammy-hike of the session to Bald Spot. It is wonderful to see the children so close to nature – experiencing the woods, some for the first time, while for others, this particular hike is already a familiar trek.
It was delightful to watch your children at Adventure this week. They did such a great job of communicating and problem solving that they are clearly ready for the ropes course that lies ahead. One of the best things about camp is how quickly children who were complete strangers just a few days ago become such fast and true friends.
I an writing to you just a few moments before the beginning of our first Shabbat for Session Two. This is a very special time at camp and our children will shorty be experiencing a very spiritual evening program. Shabbat is one of the things that makes SLC a community and it is always such a privilege to watch such young children get so inspired by our services.
On a lighter note, we are looking forward to our bowling trip on Sunday. The next several weeks of activities and special events is what makes our camp such a special place for our children.
-Wendy MVG

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