Alumni Day!

Hello from SLC!

Today was a big day in camp.  All Mainside campers took their first trip out of camp to go bowling!  Mountainview went to one bowling alley, and seniors went to another.  This was in order to make room for the approximately 300 guests who we welcomed home to camp for Alumni Day!

Alumni Day is one of our favorite days in camp.  It gives former campers and staff the opportunity to spend a day in camp.  It’s so wonderful to see members of the extended SLC community reconnecting with old friends, bunk mates, counselors, and campers, some from many decades past.  Our guests had the chance to see their old haunts, play their old games, enjoy a camp BBQ, hang out by the lake, and generally enjoy their memories and relationships from years past.

Everyone reading this blog probably understands what a special place Surprise Lake Camp is.  It’s a place that we all hold special in our hearts.  It pains us when we’re away, and the moment we drive up the camp road fills us with butterflies just like the first time, no matter how long we’ve been gone.  Alumni Day is the one day of the year when we allow our extended family to experience a piece of the summer with us in the hopes that when the air starts to turn cooler, and the leaves begin to change, that this one day will be enough to carry them over until next year.

Come back tomorrow for more news from the happiest place on earth!


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