First Shabbat of Session 2

Greetings from Surprise Lake Camp!

Today is our first all camp Shabbat of second session.  We had a very special morning.  All of the campers and staff (and some alumni) who have had their B’nei Mitzvahs in camp were called up for an Aliyah during services… and there were over 30 of them!  Our Bar and Bat Mitzvah program is just one of the many ways we live our Jewish mission statement of making Jewish learning accessible to all.  Campers and staff are able to participate in the program free of charge, and watching the number of people who came up this morning was a very real way for us to see the impact that camp has had on so many members of our community.

The afternoon and evening are filled with regular camp activities.  We are really in the swing of second session now.  Kids are getting settled in their groups.  The vestiges of homesickness are slipping away as our campers spend the afternoon with their groups at swim, playing gaga, on the ball fields, and playing group bonding games.

There are a few very cool evening activities going on in camp tonight.  Mountainview Boys are going on a scavenger hunt around camp.  Timberline is playing live action Angry Birds (a game you can find on the App Store) in the gym.  Following evening activities, units will be participating in Havdallah – marking the end of Shabbat.  All in all, a wonderful camp day.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Alumni of the Bar-Bat Mitzvah program

Alumni of the Bar-Bat Mitzvah program


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