Journey’s Way Weekly Update

Greetings from SLC!  This past week at camp has been crazy busy!  Last Thursday we had a big sister/little sister scavenger huhnt with Boulder Hill (13 year olds on Teenside) followed by our final Shabbat of first session.  We had another beautiful Shabbat at camp and ended it with an all camp Tisha B’av service and all camp Havdallah.  Sunday was a lot of packing and cleaning, but we were able to find time for a farewell program and paper plate awards.  One of our counselors led our farewell program which was a reflection of good memories from first session while throwing around a ball of yarn, eventually connecting the whole unit in a bright purple spider web of positivity.  Monday we bid our farewells and trip break began!  We split up into our trip break groups where specialists became counselors!  Monday night we had an all Mainside movie watching of Space Jam.  Tuesday we went to Roller Magic and had a blast spinning around the rink!  Today, arrival day was super exciting and we had so much fun meeting our new campers and welcoming back our returning ones!


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