Frontier Weekly Update

Trip 2 has begun and our new Frontier campers have arrived and settled nicely into camp.  The boys will be learning the values of being independent, supporting the others they live with, working through issues that may arise, and developing strong communication and teamwork skills that will help them develop a strong, unified community.  The boys are looking forward to the various activities that SLC has to offer, as well as the creative programming that their counselors will be providing them, many of which are with our sister unit, the Highlands girls!  We have our first Shabbat and Hobby activities coming up, along with a bowling trip on Sunday.  The boys are also thrilled to have some of the most outstanding counselors in camp, many of which have grown in camp and are incredibly eager to give back by providing the fun camp experiences they had when they were Frontier boys a generation ago.  It’s exciting to watch these boys develop life-long friends and memories in a place they will never forget.  There is so much ahead for these boys as they begin, and for some continue their camp experiences as they grow from boys to men, always striving to reach the next Frontier.


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