Arrival Day! (Part 2)

Greetings from Surprise Lake Camp!

Today we start all over again!  Session 2 campers are almost all here.  New groups of kids have met their new counselors.  Kids from first session are welcoming some second session kids into their home for the past month.  The staff is thrilled to be meeting and getting to know their new charges.  As the campers got off the buses or out of their cars, they went up to the health center for the oh so important lice check, then were brought either to Teenside or the Mainside ballfield to meet their groups and counselors.

Lunch was our traditional first day of camp lunch – pizza and caesar salad.  Kids are now heading up to the cabins to finish unpacking, to get to know some new friends, and to catch up with their friends from summers past.  The afternoon will consist of orientations of all shapes and sizes, deep water tests (which will give everyone the chance to get into the water on such a hot day), and some more time to unpack.

This evening campers and staff from both sides of camp willin their units to have Welcome to Camp campfires and unit bonding games!  Then they’ll have their first unit meeting of the summer where campers will learn rules, procedures, and all the staff in the unit will be introduced.  Bunks will then meet and establish their own rules for living together before flashlight time and lights out.

Then we begin again.  We jump right into regularly scheduled activities tomorrow.  We have trips going out soon, Olympics to look forward to (the date is a closely guarded secret), Alumni Day this weekend, Visiting Day next week, and lots more excitement coming up in the weeks ahead.  Stay tuned for further updates from the happiest place on earth!


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