…the end, Part 1

It is with heavy hearts that we greet you this evening from SLC.

Today was the last full day of first session.  Campers spent their mornings in their last activities for the session, some for the whole summer.  Every moment of today was bittersweet as kids had fun in their last activities but saw the end in sight.  Groups stop between periods to hug each other good bye.  They recall jokes from the previous weeks with counselors.  They sing their favorite songs and scream their sound-offs for the last time at the top of their lungs.  They dance to Michael Jackson in the senior dining hall, clean-up forgotten as the entire room is abuzz with voices and laughter.

In just a few minutes, all of camp will be heading into the gym to watch the slide-show flash their memories from the summer before their eyes as they laugh, cry, cheer, and hug their friends for comfort, all the while somehow processing in their young minds the enormity of the impact these few short weeks have had on their entire lives.  Some of them have just finished their first summer with us.  Some have been raised here practically since birth.  It means something different to all of us, but when it comes to an end we all take pause, remembering the fun we’ve had, the friends we’ve made, and the memories that will continue to affect us in our lives to come.

Then there are those of us for whom today marks the half-way point.  We’re sad to see our friends from first session go, but we’re excited at all that session 2 has to offer.  We eagerly await the arriving campers who are anticipating their own arrival at camp this coming Wednesday.  We’re looking forward to making new friends, trying new activities, going on more trips, and we can practically smell Olympic break out on the horizon!

So to our first session friends, so long for now, until you come home again to us next year!  To our incoming campers, we can’t wait to see you!  Stay tuned for further updates from the happiest place in the world, SLC!


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