Sherwood Weekly Update

A BIIIG hello from Sherwood!

This week has yet again been full of adventures and activities that are creating potentially life long memories. It was great seeing all of you on visiting day. We ended the day with an amazing hypnotist show where we were fortunate enough to see our counselors hypnotized and doing ridiculous things! They don’t remember……but we do!

We had a wonderful LARP, which stands for Live Action Role Play. We created two teams and crafted medieval armor out of cardboard for battle. The teams dipped their cardboard in paint and acted out a battle. The paint made it easy to tell who was still in the game. The campers loved it and with certain rules and the use of cardboard opposed to other materials, it was completely safe. The boys staying the full summer have asked for it again next session.

The All Camp Show was fantastic! The mainside play was Matilda and the teen drama team put on Into the Woods. Both were amazing! Our very own Oliver Wiener won the Herman athletic award for not only his stellar athletics but his impressive sportsmanship as well. We are all very proud.

Sadly, this is our last Shabbat of the session, but it was made extra special due to it being opened with Israel Day! Our Israeli staff worked hard all session to provide us with great activities helping us get a nice feel of what Israel may be like. At night we had a Purim Party. We are well aware that Purim is nowhere near July, but this is camp and we are Jews! We might as well have a delayed Purim party instead of the usual costume party.

This session was amazing. We had a great time and we are going to miss the first session campers going home as well as those leaving for work program. Thanks for sharing your children. They helped make our summers extra special. We are looking forward to next session and to those not returning this year, hopefully next summer!

So long,
Sherwood staff


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