Timberline Weekly Update

Greetings from Surprise Lake!

It’s hard to believe that Session 1 is already winding down.  Half of the summer has passed in the blink of an eye.  The old adage about time flying while having fun is absolutely true.

Sunday’s Visiting Day was a beautiful event.  It was so nice to see our campers spending time with their families and friends and, of course, eating all that outside food!  The weather was hot for a few days after that but Timberline stayed cool with lots of swim and some cool activities like our Awesome Adventure Afternoon on the ropes courses.

Timberline put on a great performance at the 4th Annual Surprise Lake Camp SING competition.  We created a medley of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” and this year’s camp anthem, “Golden Boy.”  Our brilliant British counselor, Joe (TL24) modified the lyrics to focus on why we love Surprise Lake, and our performance included cameo appearances by Rabbi Claire, Whammy, and Steve Photo.  The boys put in a lot of time rehearsing to learn the song and dance, and the performance was a crowd-pleasing success.

We also had a lot of fun attending this session’s All Camp Show.  Campers received their 5-year sweatshirts, award-winners were announced and trophies were presented, and each camper enjoyed eating their chipwich ice cream sandwiches.  All this was just icing after the great performances by Mainside of the musical “Matilda” and Teenside’s rendition of “Into the Woods.”  The shows were terrific – Ethan B., Ethan F., Isaak, and Jack U. all did a wonderful job!  Bravo!!

As the session winds down, we are looking forward to our “Purim in July” costume party which is ushering in our annual Israel Day celebrations, our weekly Shabbat Walk, and Saturday night’s Talent Show.  Sunday is another day filled with activities before our campers pack their things to either go on to other fun and exciting plans this summer or to move cabins as they prepare for Session Two.  We have all made great friends and shared hilarious experiences.  For those campers who are leaving next week, we say thanks and feel great happiness that we got to spend the last month together.  And for the campers who are staying, we are looking forward to another great month together including adding into our unit dozens of new friends.

Best wishes,


Timberline Supervisor


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