Mountainview Girls Weekly Update

Greetings from Mountainview Girls!

We have had another fun filled week here at SLC.  Thursday was Crazy Hat/Crazy Hair day.  The girls donned their craziest hats and did some bizarre hair styles.  My favotire hair style was where they put a cup on top of their head & put their hair up over the cup.  It was definitely crazy.  That same day our Head Counselor Jenn had Cupcake Wars.  Each group created their unique cucake display with the theme of camp.  The campers made replicas of the Eddie Canter Theatre, Berger Bounce, Arts & Crafts, and waterfront.  Needless to say, it was a messy blast.

The next day was our first session trip to Splashdown!  It was a perfect day of fun, sun, and water rides.  The kids walked around in groups and got to enjoy the rides with their friends and cousnelors.

Our 4th annual SLC Sing was a great success.  Mountainvew girls did an adorable dance to the songs “Jar of Hearts” and “Lipgloss.”

As we all know, Sunday was Visiting Day.  It was so great getting to meet our campers families.  I hope you enjoyed the music show, swimming in the lake, and seeing where your children are having the best summer ever!  That night we were lucky enough to have an illusionist come and hypnotise some of our staff members.

This wee was our last hobby of the session.  We also had a lip sync battle, unit soccer adventure, and Arts & Crafts along with other awesome activities.  Lastly, we had our All Camp Show.  Mainside drama hobby put on a spectacular rendition of Matilda and Teenside specialty put on a production of Into the Woods.

I can’t believe there are only a few days left onf 1st session.  We still have Israel Day, a Purim Party, a science fair, and our all camp slideshow.  FOr those of you who are only with us for 1st session, see you next year!

– Wendy, MVG


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