Journey’s Way Weekly Update

Greetings from Journey’s Way! This was another great week at SLC!  We had beautiful weather Friday night for Shabbat services.  Saturday it was a little overcast in the morning, but lickily it cleared up for our annual SLC Sing at night!  We did a 90’s mash up of TV Show theme songs Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Full House, and Friends. The girls had an awesome time and choreographed all of the songs themselves.  We loved meeting you all on Visiting Day, and the girls miss you already!  After you left we had a hypnotist come who hypnotized some of our staff and made them do silly things like lose their belly buttons and eat imaginary ice cream.  On Monday we did an extra special mini hike to Hinterlands where we picked blueberries and had a snack.  Tuesday J12 made chocolate balls with their counselor Tamar which have chocolate, crackers, sugar, and butter that they shared with the whole unit.  We also taught the girls how to make shakshukah, an Israeli tomato, pepper, egg dish.  For evening activity we had a sing down which the girls loved and got really into.  Today was the All Camp Show!  We had 10 girls fromthe unit participate with one of our own as the star, Matilda!  We also had a camper who one the M.A.C.H.O. (My Actions Can Help Others) award for Mainside female and 3 campers who received their 5 year camper sweatshirts.  We will greatly miss our friends who are leaving on Monday but you can’t wait for 2nd session to start!


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