Idyllwood Weekly Update

Greetings from Idyllwood!

This week was filled with almost too much excitement to handle!  On the eve of Visiting Day, the boys of Idullwood put on the performance of a lifetime, showing the strength, unity, and bond we have formed this summer.  All our hard work paid off as Idyllwood was crowned champion of the 3rd annual SLC Sing!

The morning following the victory, 33 boys were greeted by the smiling faces of their loved ones for Visiting Day.  Though the day was brutally hot, we all managed to make it through the day, as myself and the rest of the Idyllwood staff had the privilege of meeting all of you.

Visiting Day was concluded by Ronny Romm, a fantastic hypnotist, which put many of SLCs staff under hypnosis.  We saw counselors dancing like munchkins, eating imaginary ice cream, and so much more, which resulted in an endless night of laughter.

Monday began the final week of first session, as we grabbed our water bottles and hiking gear and headed to Cornish.  Idyllwood spent the morning exploring Cornish as we learned of the history and saw the ruins of the property.

Wednesday night, the campers who chose Drama and Tech hobby had the chance to show off all that they have been working towards this session.  Mainside performed a wonderful rendition of the classic Matilda.  Following the play, awards were given out, and all of camp was treated to chipwiches.

As this session comes to a close, we still have so much to look forward to – Israeli Day, which our Israli staff have been diligently preparing for.  Sunday we will have paper play awards for the campers as well as a slide show which will recap the entire first session through pictures and vidios.

As we watch many of our campers depart on Monday morning, it will be with a heavy heart, though we look forward to them returning to their home away from home next summer, SLC.

– Jamie Rosner,

Idyllwood Supervisor


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