Highlands Weekly Update

Greetings from Highlands.

Highlands has had a very exciting and busy week!  Last Wednesday we started the day with instructional swim where the children learned to improve their strokes and practice their dives.  Later in the afternoon we had a very exciting activity with Frontier called “Singled Out” where we got to know one another better and meet some new people.

The next few days we used our spare time to practice for our 4th annual SLC Sing and performed a choreographed dance to a progression of Taylor Swift songs.  Although we didn’t win, we all had a blast and created memories that will last a lifetime.

We had a wonderful (and hot) Visiting Day getting to spend time with our friends and families and enjoy our beautiful camp together.

The following day we enjoyed programming in the morning and spent the afternoon prepping for our OVERNIGHT!  We packed our backpacks with some warm clothes, flashlights, and some playing cards and headed into the woods.  After pitching some tents we grilled some hot dogs and hamburgers and enjoyed the warmth of the campfire and the company of our friends!

Tongiht the entire camp gathered in our Eddie Cantor Theatre (which is always a spectacular thing) to watch wonderful performances by Mainside and Teenside.  During intermission we continued our tradition of handing out 5 year camper sweatshirts, awards, and finally chipwiches!  We’ll be using the next few days packing our things and saying our goodbyes to friends that will last a lifetime as our first session campers hop on the busses and our 8 week campers gear-upo for an exciting trip break!


Emily, Highlands Supervisor 2015


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