Beginning of the End….

Greetings from SLC!

It’s hard to believe we’re in our last full week of first session.  The session is flying by!  We’ve had so much fun packed in to such a short period of time.  Seeing all of our camp families here on Visiting Day was such a pleasure.  The following evening we all had a great time at the hypnotist, Ronnie Romm.  All of camp was convinced that we were about to break out Olympics (our color war) when Whammy, camp’s hiking specialist, was hypnotized and began mumbling team colors.  It was a fakeout, though.  Olympics is still looming somewhere in our coming weeks!

Today there are lots of exciting things going on in camp.  On Mainside, M2 has fencing this morning.  Our Mountainview Boys supervisor, Neil, is an expert fencer, and is leading the activity for the group.  All of Journey’s Way this afternoon will be having a special Shakshuka program!  Shakshuka is a Middle Eastern delicacy made of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes and chili peppers.  Sounds like a great way to get excited for Israel Day on Friday!

On Teenside today Work Program has started their first day of their new jobs!  This is the last job each camper will have the opportunity to try this session.  Many have saved their top choice for last, while others are taking a chance on something they might not have been otherwised inclined to endeavor in previous weeks.  We have Adventure aides, Program aides, kitchen aides, office aides, canteen aides, health center aides, and many more!  These are roles that they may be hired for next summer or in their future SLC careers.  Additionally, this evening Boulder Hill and Timberline will be sharing a bonfire with guitar, singing, and s’mores in the Sherwood fire pit.

Even though it’s our last full week, we still have a lot of exciting programming in store!  Stay tuned for further updates.


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