Timberline Weekly Update

Hello Surprise Lake family!

Another exciting week for Timberline is in the books!

Last weekend started with an couple of awesome activities. Each group participated in a water polo tournament, and it came down to the wire. Group TL26 eked out an epic victory over TL24 in the finals, 3 goals to 2. Leor had the game-winning goal!  As the other groups watched from the beach, the boys staged an impromptu sumo wrestling tournament which led to lots of laughter, cheering, and surprising victories.
Later in the week we had a scavenger, and through lots of hard work, wise planning, and thoughtful creativity each group was able to find over thirty of the 45 objects in just half an hour. It was great!

Other highlights from week three have included a beautiful sunset hike with Whammy and our first unit trip to the amusement park at Lake Compounce. The boys had a great day at the park, going on adventure rides and water rides too, before capping off the night at a hilarious improv comedy show hosted by SLC alum Keith Miller.

Looking ahead, the unit is preparing to sing and dance this weekend at the 4th annual SLC SING completion, meeting an Israeli soldier who starred in a documentary we watched this week called “Under the Helmet,” and of course, all of Timberline is excited for visiting day on Sunday!  The campers can’t wait to see their friends and families, and the counselors can’t wait to meet you all!

See you Sunday!
Best wishes,
Timberline Supervisor


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