Mountainview Girls Weekly Update

Hello from Mountainview Girls!

Week 2 started with Sports Day!  Everybody drewssed in their favorite sports team jersey or athletic gear.  After Teva, Farm, Archery, and Drama, just to name a few, we had a sing down with Highlands.

This week was our Mountainview talent show.  Campers practiced their acts during rest hour and performed it at the Eddie Cantor Theater.  We had singers, dancers, gymnastics, a pianist, soccer stars, and even a cup balancer.

The following day we had our overnight!  We helped build a camp-fire for our cookout.  Then we sang songs and roasted marshmallows before sleeping under the stars.

At SLC we have the pleasure of hosting outside groups.  This week we had a day camp staying with us for a few days.  MVG was lucky enough to combine our group and work together on a scavenger hunt.

The week ended with our Pete Seeger Music Show.  MVG has been working hard on learning how to say hello in 15 different languages for our song.  We look forward to performing it for you at the music show on Visiting Day.  Speaking of Visiting Day, I hope to see all of you at camp on Sunday!

– Wendy, MVG


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