Mountainview Boys Weekly Update

Visiting Day is this Sunday and your children are very excited to see you. We have had a series of overnights and “slumber parties” in which we played several team building games that required the children to work through various tasks. We are not quite finished with the overnights this session, so if your child will get a turn, if he has not already.

The unit also had a series of short hikes which went very well. M4 had a longer hike yesterday, and there will be more opportunities. Yesterday was the Pete Seger Music Show, and Mountain View Boys sung a song to the tune of “When The Saints Go Marching In.” As some of you know, Pete was a great friend to SLC, and to children everywhere.

Today your sons will help and encourage each other as they climb our 40 foot tower. Tomorrow they will enjoy a trip to Splash Down Beach. Throughout it the entire unit has been moving closer and closer together and there is a real sense of comradery and brotherhood.

If your child will not have a visitor during visiting day please notify me as soon as possible. If someone other than you is coming to visiting day please let me know that also.

Please remember that there is no tipping at SLC. If you wish to show special appreciation to your son’s counselor, feel free to make a donation to the camp scholarship fund in the name of the counselor.
While you are certainly permitted and even encouraged to bring food on visiting day, please note that children will not be able to keep food or candy after you leave.

Finally, I would like to remind you that, as the Fat Man said in the Maltese Falcon, “the best goodbyes are the briefest.” This will help your child reintegrate into camp quickly and seamlessly.



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