Journey’s Way Weekly Update

Greetings from Journey’s Way!  This past week was super hot at camp!  Shabbat was beautiful, and the lake was full of swimmers for Shabbat Walk.  On Saturday night, we had an ice cream social with our brother unit, Idyllwood, and bid farewell to our friends in Cedarwood on their last night in camp.  Sunday we hiked to Bull Hill with Whammy and enjoyed PB&J’s while overlooking the Hudson River.  Some of us were even able to see the tope of the NYC skyline!  Tuesday night was our overnight at Outpost 1 where we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and roasted marshmallows!  We were chosen to sing for the board of SLC on Wednesday as part of the grand opening of the newly renovated health center.  We sang Paul’s rendition of “Join Us At SLC” and rocked it!  We were able to celebrate Sarah Irenshtain’s birthday while she skipped around the room, and we ate cake!  Later, we performed with the rest of Mainside and sang our JWay song of “Hello Beautiful” by the Jonas Brothers!  We can’t wait to see you all on Sunday!


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