Idyllwood Weekly Update

Greetings from Idyllwood!

Time in camp has been flying by, as each day that passes is filled with more fun than the previous day.  On Saturday, Idyllwood had an ice cream party with Journey’s Way and Cedarwood to say farewell to the two-week Cedarwood campers.

On Tuesday evening we grabbed our sleeping bags and armed with flashlights and excitement, headed to A-Trail for an overnight.  We BBQ’d over an open fire, which our campers helped collect wood for.  Marshmallows were roasted to golden brown, and as day turned to night, we fell asleep under the sky blanketed by the brightness of the stars.

Wednesday was Board Day, which concluded with our Pete Seeger Music Show, where each unit on Mainside performed a song for the board and the rest of camp.  Idyllwood’s spirit was felt across camp, and we continue to show SLC that Idyllwood is full of a special group of boys.

As Visiting Day approaches, Idyllwood staff looks forward to meeting you all, as our boys eagerly wait to tell you of all their great experiences thus far this summer.

– Jamie Rosner

Idyllwood Supervisor


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