Highlands Weekly Update

Hellow Families!

Things in camp have been so exciting!  Time is flying by as we are participating and engaging in tons of activities!  The past week we have been learning and rehearsing our song and dance for the Pete Seeger Music Show and the Visiting Day Music Show.

Looking back over the past week, we’ve had an opportunity to participate in nearly every activitiy in camp.  We enjoyed an exciting lake party social with Frontier where we were able to swim, dance, and play in the sand.  Thursday morning we enjoyed a spa morning with Journey’s Way, our little sister unit, where we used a home made sugar scrub, oatmeal masks and lots of nail polish.  Later that afternoon we came together with Mountainview Girls to have a good ol’ fashioned sing down, during which we got caught in a rain storm, but we didn’t let that stop us from having a good time!  In the next few days we had a number of opporunities to bond as a unit and play some fun and exciting games.

During Gold Rush on Tuesday afternoon we had full reign of the ballfield where we were able to run and collect as many colored beans as possible to win a very exciting prize.

We are looking forward to the next few days of exciting activities and getting ready for Visiting Day.  We can’t wait to share many wonderful experiences and stories with you on Sunday.

– always


Highlands Supervisor 2015


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