Mountainview Boys Weekly Update(s) 1&2

Dear MVB Parents,
I wish you could see what I am looking at right now, but it is dark out, and I don't think a  picture would do justice to the scene. I am sitting Shmira on Mountain View Hill, watching    your sons sleep under the open sky in their sleeping bags. After an exciting day, we settled in to an evening of smor's and stories around a roaring fire. We were also treated to a visit from the music team and some of your sons fell asleep to their songs, while others caught at least part of a story about a magical salamander who befriends a little girl.
All the boys have fallen in nicely to the camp routine and have already began to make new friends. There is a lot of cheering at round up and meals, and the boys are learning the special culture of SLC. It is remarkable to see such young children look out for each other and interact in such a sophisticated manner.

Just a quick note about bunking. Some of the returning campers initially expressed surprised that they were in the same bunk as last year. This is due to the fact that the average age in Mountain View is nine this year as opposed to eight. In fact, there are nine year olds in every single bunk, including M1.  There are also a significant number of ten years in M3 and M4. I have explained that the bunks are not really arranged by age this year- and they seem to understand this now.
But whether your child is six or ten years old, he is part of a caring community that recognizes his strengths, accepts his challenges and honors his spirit. I look forward to the next weeks in which I will have that special privilege of watching these boys grow.
Neil Weintraub
Supervisor, MVB 2015

On Friday night we celebrated our first Shabbat at camp. As we were preparing to recite the prayer for people in need of healing there was an incredibly touching moment when Rabbi Claire asked us to say the names of people in need of this prayer. It is always fascinating to me that such young children can put so much thought into these moments.
Saturday morning services were held on teen side this weekend. There is a lot of energy when the entire camp community is together. Our campers have a wide range of familiarity with Judaism and everyone finds something to relate to and take from our services.
The Mountainview boys' oneg was a lesson on several of the different prayers the children encounter here at camp as we think it is important for them to understand what they are reciting. During the four Shabbat meals we told the story of manna, and why it is important to be thankful for food after every meal.
Immediately after Shabbat we began our Independence Day celebration with an incredible fireworks display. The festivities continued on Sunday with a carnival on the field complete with activity booths and waterslides. After lunch the boys walked back to Teenside for laser-tag and a scavenger hunt. The day concluded with a dance party and ice-cream sundaes on the canteen basketball courts.
Many of you have reached out to me about photos (or the lack thereof) of your boys so I wanted to offer a quick word of explanation. Every child has some quiet moments at camp where they are just chilling out, sitting by themselves, or feeling a little reflective. If you see a picture in which your son appears to be sitting quietly, please do not imagine that is the usual state of affairs. If the camera has not yet caught your boy in the middle of play please take my word that all children are participating in every activity- even if the photographer is not there to capture it.
Neil S. Weintraub
MVB Supervisor, 2015

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