Perfect Day on the Lake

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Greetings from Surprise Lake Camp!

Today was hot and a perfect day to get out on the lake.  Lots of groups were taking advantage of the waterfronts on both sides of camp for instructional swims, general swims, and boating.  There was a nice breeze this afternoon, and there were even some sails gliding across the lake, glittering in the sun.

Today on Mainside a Highlands group had a great class with Rabbi Claire in which they made challah covers and ate brownies!  This evening all of Mainside is currently hobby.  During this time, several days per week, campers get to choose an area of focus such as sports, waterfront, drama, magic, or adventure.  They then participate in more in depth activities at each hobby than they would normally get to do in regular programming.

Today on Teenside, upper teens (Merrylane, Sherwood, and Work Program) spent the day at Lake Compounce – an amusement park featuring roller coasters, spinning rides, games, water slides, and all sorts of excitement.  This evening Timberline is taking a very special sunset hike to Breakneck – one of our most challenging and most beautiful hikes in camp.  I’m sure all the boys will have a great time, and will undoubtedly remember the sights and experience for many years to come.

Lots more excitement going on this week, including Visiting Day next Sunday.  Looking forward to seeing our camp families then.  In the meantime, stay tuned for further updates!


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