Timberline Weekly Update

Greetings from Surprise Lake!

It’s hard to believe that we have been at camp for only one week.  The days have been long and filled with wonderful, exciting events.  The boys of Timberline have enjoyed lots of new activities that have helped them bond with each other and with our sister unit, Boulder Hill.  We had a great campfire with the girls, making s’mores at one of our great sites overlooking the lake.  A few days later we had a “Speed Dating” activity, where everybody got to meet each other and share funny stories.

Surprise Lake Camp hosted a great carnival to honor Independence Day.  On Saturday night the camp had an amazing fireworks show in the middle of the lake, followed by Sunday’s carnival which included lots of fun games, great music and food, temporary tattoo stations, and prize booths.  The campers enjoyed jumping around in the bouncy houses and also played a game of laser tag.

Overall the weather has been great, but unfortunately, Timberline’s overnight camping activity was rained out.  We hope to reschedule it later this summer.

Looking ahead, Timberline has a great game of water polo planned for Saturdaynight, and Sunday night’s activity is a college-style Club Night, where counselors run various types of activities different from those we typically do at camp. Monday night we have the honor of going on a sunset hike with Whammy! We are looking forward to completing the challenging trail of Breakneck Ridge!!

Best wishes,



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