Sherwood Weekly Update

Greetings from Surprise Lake Camp!

It is hard to believe that we have only spent a week at camp. The days have been action packed with so many wonderful events. The boys of Sherwood have enjoyed lots of new and unique activities such as ‘Human Mario Cart’ as well as traditional favorites like our overnight. We were fortunate enough to have a 4thof July carnival in camp! The carnival contained lots of fun games and booths. It had bouncy castles and even laser tag.

Sherwood volunteered to lead Shabbat services on Friday by showing off their new dance ‘Golden Boy’ as well as singing Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off.’ Although Taylor Swift doesn’t normally seem like an artist most boys choose to listen to, the boys decided to leave their comfort zone in order to be funny and silly. On Sunday we have an extra special Club Night where counselors will run various types of activities different from those normal at camp. Lots of fun already and more to come!

Missing you,



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