Merrylane Weekly Update

Greetings  from Merrylane!

We have had a very productive and exciting week.  4th of July was a fun Shabbat day that ended with spectacular fireworks over the lake. Our festivities continued on the 5th with a carnival, laser tag and a red, white and blue social complete with apple pie and ice cream. We went on our overnight, and had an awesome time cooking our dinner over a campfire, stargazing, and roasting marshmallows. Hanging out with our friends was a blast! We also had our first hike of the summer to Bull Hill with Whammy. We enjoyed nature, taking pictures and singing songs as we walked along. One of our favorite activities was a big sister/little sister day with Mountainview Girls! We colored chalk on the Shmerler floor, played field games, made bracelets, and painted nails – a great time was had by all!

Next week promises to continue the fun and excitement with a trip to Lake Compounce, and some fun unit activities!

See you soon!!!


Robbie Bloom
Merrylane  Supervisor


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