Boulder Hill Weekly Update

Greetings from SLC!

It is hard to believe that we have only been at camp for a week so far! Our days have been full of sunshine (and some rain), special activities, and laughter.  The girls of Boulder Hill have come together so seamlessly, welcoming new campers and returners with love! We have been doing a lot of activities as a unit and with our brother unit of Timberline.  Campfires and getting to know you games have helped us kick-start our summer!

Our Fourth of July celebration was started with fireworks that night, and a camp-wide carnival on the fifth.  We had prizes, snacks, games, and some blow up water slides at the carnival, with an awesome laser tag game at night.  We spent a night in Arts and Crafts creating necklaces with our group’s crests on them and are ready to represent for the rest of the summer!

Looking ahead, Boulder Hill will be going on a hike next week and a trip to Lake Compounce Water Park.  We are excited to see what else this summer has in store for us!

Check in next week!

Best Wishes,

The Lovely Ladies of Boulder Hill


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