Highlands Weekly Update

Greetings from Highlands.

We’ve been in camp a week today, and what a fun, busy week we’ve had!  Arrival day went wonderfully.  Campers got to meet their counselors and bunk mates and established bunk rules on how to treat one another with respect, care, and love.

In the next few days campers took swim tests, met all the specialists, and had their first Hobby.  We met Paul, the music instructor, and started to learn our unit song!  THe girls can’t wait to put on the performance of a lifetime on Visiting Day and again on Board Day!

July 4th was on a Saturday, and we celebrated Saturday morning services with all of camp.  It was a beautiful sight to see our entire camp community coming to celebrate the Jewish culture.

Following Shabbat, we celebrated Independence Day with a spectacular firework display, patriotic music, and firecracker ice pops!

The next day we were able to celebrate the 4th of July with an amazing carnival filled with blow-up slides, bouncy castles, air-brush tattoo booths, and many more fun exciting activities.  In the early afternoon we walked to Teenside where we played laser tag as a unit and had a blast!  To end the day all of Mainside came together fora  Red, White, and Blue dance party and ice cream sundaes.  After a day of regular programmning we got an early night’s sleep to be well rested and ready to go to Lake Compounce the next day.  Upon arrival we were a little disappointed that it was raining until we learned how much more fun it was to go on rollercoasters and water slides in the rain.  The rain cleared up in the afternoon adn we got to finish the day wiht beautiful weather.

Although the first day or so was a bit hard, we are adjusting well and are making friends and memories that will last a lifetime.


Emily Palmiotto

Highlands Supervisor, 2015


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