Frontier Weekly Update

Frontier has hit the ground running! Arrival day was a great success as each of our campers

settled into camp nicely and quickly began hanging out with old friends and introducing

themselves to begin making new friends. Frontier’s first major accomplishment of the summer

was their first Oneg activity of the summer, which is the activity of the week that focuses on

learning about Jewish values. This past week’s lesson focused on the many blessings that can

be studied in the stories of the Torah. The boys then played a game of Capture the Flag that

required the use of various skills other than athletic ability, including communication, teamwork,

developing strategy, cooperation and patience. The boys then discussed how the use of each of

these skills is a blessing in itself as they realized this activity was a great way to begin helping

them bond with one another and develop strong relations. Frequent use of each of these skills

will be modeled, taught and reiterated throughout their time here by the strongest and most

distinguished counselors at Surprise Lake Camp. It won’t be long until these fine young boys

grow to become fine young men, reaching their next Frontier.


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