Trip Day! (Part 2)

Hello from SLC!

Today was another great day both in and out of camp.  This morning Idylwood, Journey’s Way, and Cedarwood came down to breakfast with bathing suits peeking out from under their white Surprise Lake Camp shirts, greasy with sun screen, and donning hats and sunglasses, ready for a day in the sun.  After breakfast each unit boarded a bus and departed for Splashdown Beach Waterpark.  The campers arrived, put down their bags and towels, and ran off in groups with their counselors to enjoy the day.  The park offered waterslides of varying screamtastic degrees, a swimming pool, a lazy river, and of course, lots of out of camp junk food!  A wonderful time was had by all.

Teenside was an exciting place to be today as well.  Three Timberline groups had low ropes this morning.  They went through the course tackling group bonding and team building challenges together.  Work Program had their second day of work this week – campers are working in jobs such as CA, specialist aides, office, canteen, and kitchen.  This is great training for them as they prepare to become full staff members next summer.  Merrylane and Boulder Hill will be having a sister-sister activity this evening where they all have a Zumba lesson together.  It promises to be loud, colorful, energetic fun!

I was speaking to Jen, our Mainside head counselor, this morning, and she made the following observation while looking at a particular camper: it’s great to see the kids who were homesick moving past it and getting into the swing of camp.  It really is that time of the session.  Campers are getting into their routines, they’re having fun on a daily basis, and they’ve formed close, safe, trusting relationships with their groupmates and counselors.  It’s wonderful to see kids who were missing their families on day two or three cheering the loudest when walking to activities, surrounded by screaming friends all clamoring to be walking next to each other.  The thing we say about time passing in camp is that a day feels like a week, a week feels like a month, and the summer flies by in a minute.  We’re in the middle of that statement right now – the part we wish would last forever.

Come back tomorrow for further updates!


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