Trip Day!

Greetings from Surprise Lake!

Today was a wonderful day, both in and out of camp.  This morning Frontier and Highlands came down to breakfast, backpacks in tow, wearing their new SLC tee shirts.  Their faces were aglow with excitement for their first trip out of camp.  After breakfast they boarded buses and made their way to Lake Compounce amusement park.  The park offers rides of all kinds for all ages – fast ones, slow ones, high ones, low ones.  Campers could play on water slides, ride the gondola, or race through the sky on one of Lake Compounce’s roller coasters.  As always, the campers were especially excited for the bottomless free soda offered by the park.  They returned to camp in time for dinner, exhausted and happy.

Tonight on Teenside a particulary creative evening program is going on as I sit here writing this.  The Sherwood boys are playing human MarioCart as their evening activity.  A Sherwood counselor, Alec, will be running the activity dressed in a full Mario costume.  The Sherwood boys will be doing wheelbarrow races around the teenside ballfield trying to get bananas as points – just like in the video game.  It promises to be hilarious and a great time for all involved.

There’s a lot more in store in the coming week, so stay tuned for further updates!


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  1. Karri Kaufman · · Reply

    Sounds hilarious. I bet Max will love it. Can’t wait to see the photos.


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