Shabbat Shalom from SLC!

Today was our first all-camp Shabbat service, which normally would be held at the Eddie Cantor Theater, but due to the weather, was held in the Shmerler building on Teenside.

There is little in this world that is as heartwarming as sitting with our entire camp community on Saturday morning listening to the rising of voices in song and prayer.  For many of our campers and staff, our Jewish identities are based on our experiences of Judaism at SLC.  While our Friday night services are special, with everyone dressed in white, sharing the welcoming of Shabbat with our own side of camp, there is something incredibly powerful about over 600 people all celebrating the day together.

After services and Paul’s Goodies – the original Shabbat songs written by our resident music guru – the campers were released to Shabbat walk.  This special time of the week allows campers from all over camp to spend time together.  Siblings, cousins, and friends from Mainside and Teenside are free to hang out, play on the ball fields, go swimming, nosh on the Kiddush outside the dining hall, or just walk around and enjoy the rest of the morning together.

Today has been a relaxing day, but campers and staff alike are looking forward to celebrating the 4th of July tomorrow with our annual carnival.  There will be bouncy houses, games, prizes, and fun had be all!

Stay tuned for more fun from Surprise Lake Camp!


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