Neon Day!

Blog July 2

Today is neon day at SLC!  Campers and staff all over camp are donning their hottest neon gear as they jump into their first full day of activities.  Although camp has just started, our routine already feels second nature.  On Mainside this morning, round-up was echoing across the lake with energetic ruach (Hebrew for spirit) from all involved.  After breakfast, campers dove straight into activities – some of them literally, taking swim tests, playing GaGa, or working on projects in Arts & Crafts.

On Mainside this evening, Mountainview Boys is having their first camp out on Mountainview Hill.  They’ll be having s’mores, singing songs, playing games, telling stories, and sleeping outside in sleeping bags under the stars.  For many of our youngest lads, this will be their first time EVER sleeping out doors.  The weather promises to be perfect, and a good time will undoubtedly be had by all.

Campfires will abound on both sides of the lake this evening.  Timberline and Boulder Hill will be having their first brother-sister evening activity – a bonfire in the huge Sherwood firepit.  They’ll also have s’mores, music, and a sing-along led by many our more musical campers.  This will be a great chance to get to know each other in a quintessential camp setting before their first Teenside Open Curfew of the summer.  Campers will have an hour to hang out on Teenside, relax with their friends, play on the ball fields, and get food and drinks in the Canteen before bed.

All in all, it’s been a busy first full day of camp!  Campers are already getting excited about all that camp has in store in for the summer.  In the rest of the week alone our kids are looking forward to the first camp Shabbat as well as the 4th of July carnival.

Stay tuned for further updates!


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