Arrival Day

Greetings from SLC!

We’re so happy to be writing to you on arrival day.  Staff orientation has come to a close, and the moment we’ve been eagerly awaiting all week has finally arrived.  The kids are here!  Seeing all of their smiling, shining faces getting off buses, out of cars, and hugging their families goodbye has been a wonderful experience for all of us at Surprise Lake.


Seeing our campers faces as they greet friends they’ve not seen in 10 months with tears of joy is just as satisfying as seeing the new campers playing with their groups of new friends out on the ball field for the first time.  Hearing cheers and singing as we walk along the camp road throws the quiet of the past weeks without our kids here into sharp relief.


We’re looking ahead to an afternoon of orientations, deep water tests, getting to know you games, and the exhilaration that is the first day of camp.  Tonight’s Welcome to Camp Show is bound to be a big hit, with the Director’s address and songs prepared by each unit in camp.


We’ve got tons more excitement in store, so stay tuned for more updates!


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