Farm Friday: They Came, They Saw…

What a fabulous week on the farm!

It began last Sunday when Supervisors and Specialists toured the vineyard, fruit orchard, and fenced garden. We were all very proud to show off the results of our hard work.  Much of the credit goes to Ivy, Gene and his crew, and David Vogel, the hardest working man in agri-business.

We got a lot of compliments on the variety of things we have planted.  Our grapes, which are now just below the first wire on the arbor, are beating expectations.  Our tomatoes and cucumbers are taller than their supports, and are in need of additional trellising.

Rabbi Claire was particularly excited to see the herbs we are growing for Havdallah services.  There will be no grape juice from the farm this season, but watch out for next year.

Can’t wait to see many of you in just a few weeks.

Until then, STAY DIRTYIMG_20150607_0855586_rewind IMG_20150607_0858164_rewind IMG_20150611_1344500_rewind IMG_20150611_1356119_rewind IMG_20150611_1358269_rewind



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