Farm Friday: Greetings from the Fruited Plain

It’s been a busy few weeks on the farm.  After some much needed rain, the fence around the vegetable garden was finally completed and the beds are being prepared for planting.  In the vineyard, locust posts for the grape arbor were set in the ground just as our Concord grapevines flowered and began their climb to the sky.  Our plums, apples, peaches and apricots have really taken off and are growing at a rate of 6 inches a week.

In other news, the beehives are doing great, Ivy has been filling pots with edible flowers and herbs, and I just harvested a bumper crop of rocks from our soon to be cornfield.

Our Seven Species Garden is taking shape with the addition three dwarf trees this week.  We now have olive, pomegranate, date, and fig trees, and the barley and wheat will soon be joining our grapes to round things out.

Our farmhand extraordinaire, David Vogel, is working with us and what a difference that is making!  (Ah, to be young again.)  There’s a good deal of strenuous manual labor required right now, and having David here is truly a godsend.

All things considered, we are pretty much on schedule and by the time the supervisors and staff arrive in a couple of weeks, we should have plenty to show for our efforts.

In the meantime, let’s hope for more mild springtime temperatures and occasional rainfall along with some ripe compost.  Yum!

Until then, stay dirty.


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