Get Your Feet Wet


Changing lives. The Tuesday night before Get Your Feet Wet begins I tell my staff that we are going to change lives over the next five days. Some of them believe me and some of them look at me like I am crazy. I truly believe it. The alumni staff and current camp staff produce an energy that sweeps up all of the campers in its path. We spend five days playing, laughing and getting to know each other. We get to experience all of the things we love about the SLC through the eyes of children who are experiencing for the first time.  This year on the last night of
the program we played Can You Feel The Love Tonight and the campers and staff sang the song as loud as they could. It was truly a special camp moment.
One night after the campers went to bed I went star gazing with 10 other staff members on
Eddie Cantor Stage. While we were there we sang roundup songs and when we were done we nestled. I call the Monday after GYFW ends Dry Monday. The only thing that makes it better is thinking about next years GYFW.

Seth Stein


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